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We Help Patients with a Chronic, Complex Illness Find Quality Care


Each year in the U.S., over 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care receive a misdiagnosis, according to a recent study by BMJ Quality and Safety. That translates to about 5 percent of adults, or 1 out of 20 adult patients!

In a Mayo Clinic study consisting of 286 patients, researchers found that only 12 percent were correctly diagnosed by their primary care physicians. More than 20 percent had been misdiagnosed, while 66 percent required some changes to their initial diagnosis. 

Navigating our healthcare system and obtaining a correct diagnosis when you have a chronic, complex illness can be overwhelming and time consuming.

If you have been told by a Physician that you are a "complex case" or "I think it may be all in your head, "we need to talk!

Whether your health journey is just beginning or has been long term, I treat your concerns seriously at PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES.

I work directly for you and know how to find the quality health care you need so that you can identify the root cause of your complex, multi-system condition. I will always serve as your trusted advocate; developing and maintaining honest relationships with you and your team of specialists. 

"As a former invisibly ill patient who took years learning to advocate for myself in a fragmented, complex healthcare system, I can

empathize with your fears and frustrations.

I am passionate about collaborating with you and your

team of specialists to help you get to the root cause of your condition. I work directly for YOU and will leave no stone unturned in fighting for your patient rights!"

Sylvia Reisman

Founder & Chief Patient Advocate 


State of Georgia Lyme Proclamation 2018 Sylvia Reisman standing with Governor Nathan Deal at the GA Capitol

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Patient Advocate Sylvia Reisman issue a Proclamation for Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Many people feel hopeless because of their medical condition. 

My mission in life is to help these people.


I have always had a love of helping people. My professional career gravitated towards building relationships with internal and external customers, serving as a trusted advisor and educator, and providing effective client solutions. I thrive on building trust with my clients and going the extra mile to help them.

This led me to career positions in marketing and sales, including stints as an Account Manager with Reebok Southern Division, Member & Board Services Director of the Georgia Association of REALTORS and National Account Manager with Concentra Occupational Health.

In 2006, I became mysteriously ill and ran from doctor to doctor in two states with no concrete diagnosis. I was suffering physically, emotionally and financially as a result.

Desperate for answers, I became an avid researcher and discovered functional medicine, a treatment approach that goes outside traditional boundaries to identify root causes of a medical condition.

After experiencing the benefits of functional medicine, I felt a sense of obligation to help people with chronic medical conditions like mine.


This led me to develop a comprehensive assessment, which I utilize with each of my clients. A customized "Plan of Action" is developed and executed from the assessment results.

I thus decided to start Purity Patient Advocates LLC, a patient advocacy service that replicates closely the navigation process I learned from personal experience. To validate and find improvements for my service delivery process, I joined the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates which provides peer-based and structured training events.

As a result, I believe clients can be confident that an empathetic and professional advocate is available to them through my company. Our comprehensive assessment method and the “Plan of Action” that it produces are designed to efficiently and effectively bring relief to suffering clients.

Just a bit more on the personal side…


I attended Armstrong State College - now Georgia Southern University - and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, major in Marketing from Savannah State University.

I enjoy cycling and hiking and, for spiritual growth, developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through my wonderful ladies’ bible study group at Stonecreek Church in Alpharetta GA.

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