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Exclusive Interview: Our Founder Reveals Why She is Passionate About Advocacy

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Sylvia Reisman, Founder and Chief Patient Advocate at Purity Patient Advocates, joined John Ray on this episode of North Fulton Business Radio. She discussed her personal health journey which led to her passion for patient advocacy and starting her business, her business philosophy, complex medical conditions, how she works with clients, the cost/benefit considerations of retaining a patient advocate, and much more.

Our current healthcare system is fragmented and failing millions of people suffering from complex illness.

Most people are not educated on how to prepare for their doctor's appointments, including questions about a diagnosis or lab testing.

Misdiagnosis is on the rise as the average healthcare system physician doesn't have quality time to spend with a complex patient. Many physicians are being emotionally abused and leaving the medical profession.

If you end up at an emergency room or admitted to the hospital, your odds for infection and complications go up dramatically.

Sylvia's goal is to help those suffering with an invisible illness obtain a correct diagnosis and treatment plan to improve their quality of life. She also believes strongly in preventing unnecessary hospitalization by developing an individualized plan of action for her clients.

Listen to Sylvia's entire podcast interview with John Ray.

North Fulton Business Radio is produced and broadcast by the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX® inside Renasant Bank in Alpharetta, Georgia.

If you or a loved one have been running from doctor to doctor with no concrete diagnosis or questioning your diagnosis, you are not alone.

Contact Sylvia today to schedule an initial consultation at 470-670-7667.

Remember, this is YOUR LIFE and NOT your doctor's!


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